Welcome Home…

Is your business fueling – or stealing – your evolutionary fire?

You’re a woman with an evolutionary message and mission.  A transformational professional – a speaker, writer, workshop leader, coach…  Wise, big-hearted, gifted and creative.  You’ve spent years – maybe decades – developing your gifts.  And you love what you do.

You started your transformational business, your ‘sacred enterprise’ because you knew the world needed your gifts, your message.  And you couldn’t fit into small, airless cubicles.  Your spirit and your vision was bigger than any ‘job’ could offer you.

So you set out on a sacred mission – a heroine’s journey – to fulfill that vision.  You poured your heart, soul and commitment into it, sacrificing more than anyone will ever know.  You had faith that if you did what you loved, the money would follow.

But it was never ONLY about the money.  You created your business or practice because you care about all of life, about the kind of world we’re leaving to future generations.  Because you feel a deep, soul-level commitment to leave this world knowing that your time on earth made a profound contribution. 

You have a visionary spirit.  But some days your ‘sacred enterprise’ feels a like a mundane chore.

On those days all you can see is a mountain of work and to-do list that is way too long.  Work days that go on forever and spill over onto the weekend.  Juggling client work, administrative work, the marketing, sales, networking and list-building.  And then finding the time to develop your writing, speaking or for designing those new innovative workshops or services.

You try to learn and implement the systems that will allow you to take your business and impact to the next level.  But there is so much to do, figure out and get in place that some days you don’t know where to start.  To make it worse, you’re not sure that the models of success out there are ones that would work for you.  They just don’t reflect who you are – or your unique values.

On those days, your vision, creativity and enthusiasm escape you.  Instead, you feel exhausted, depleted and overwhelmed.  Your business just seems to take – your time, energy, attention, and money – without giving back to you in the way you need it to.  Draining your creative spirit, your vision, your wild inspiration.  Instead of feeding and nourishing you.

Like Sisyphus, you’re tired of rolling boulders up mountains and this wasn’t the heroine’s journey you signed up for.  And you’re left wondering if your vision, your world-changing mission was too big, too unrealistic.  Whether you should scale back your dreams or go back to that airless cubicle.

But dear visionary woman, your heroine’s spirit is too big for that!  Because you know you’d die inside.  And future generations wouldn’t let you rest at night.

I know how challenging it can be to try to fit a world-changing mission inside of a business! 

The old paradigm of business wasn’t designed for that.  But your business can nourish your soul, bring in the revenue you need AND help you give back to the world.  It can be wise, spacious, sacred and sustainable.

It can bless your life AND be a blessing for future generations. 

I love to work with clients who…

  • Have hearts as large as their visions.
  • Are (or want to be) on the forefront of evolution, the Shift, the Great Turning or the innovation curve.
  • Love sunsets, mountains, deserts, oceans, and little dogs with big personalities.  And dip into music, poetry and art as much as they can.
  • Have a special place in their heart for wisdom, for the questions of our time, and can be compassionate with their own not-knowing.  (Occasional foray into despair accepted.)
  • Bridge diverse worlds in their interests if not professions – for example high-tech and indigenous knowledge, spirit and business, academia and entrepreneurship … you get the idea.  Integrative, creative folk.

I can help you if…

  • You would love your business to feel sacred.  To be a nourishing home, a sacred space where you can grow, offer and share your blessings.  A structure that’s deeply aligned with the change you want to create in the world.  One you can relax into rather than struggle against.
  • You want a business that inspires, supports and nourishes you.  One that helps you blossom as a woman and evolutionary leader, deeply grounded in your own wisdom, values and sense of possibility.  Where you can express your passion, creativity, vision, joy so that you can attract and inspire others.  And one that gives back to you – that gives you the time, money and resources you need to thrive.
  • You long to start seeding and creating the foundation for your longer-range vision – that thing you feel called to bring into being for the sake of future generations – while making sure that present needs – both business and personal – are taken care of. 
  • You’re ready to come to terms with whatever’s standing in the way of you claiming your thought-leadership.  The busy-work, the systems, the limiting beliefs that feed your fear.   Because it’s time to bring your gifts, your message, and your mission to center stage.  And to have the world wake up and notice.  Because you’re ready to be the role model that is missing in the world, the one that will inspire others to find the courage to stand up and speak their message, their truth.

A bit about me…

I’m Marilyn Daniels, the creative spark behind Sacred Enterprise and a caretaker of sacred flames.

I started Sacred Enterprise because it breaks my heart when I see visionary business owners struggling to bring their gifts and wisdom into the world.  Because we’re at a juncture when the world desparately needs wisdom leaders on center stage.

I believe that one of the reasons they struggle is because they’re trying to stuff their gifts, and their evolutionary message and mission, into an old-paradigm business box that’s too small for their large hearts and visions.

But I believe that as conscious enterpreneurs bring their wisdom and higher consciousness into their business structures, they transform not only their lives and their businesses but help transform economic structures and the world.

Sacred Enterprise is based on the belief that business can be a spiritual path, a practice of awakening and conscious awareness.  And that your ‘sacred enterprise’ can be a fulfilling, joyful pathway of evolution – for both you and the planet. 

I offer…

  • Private coaching – focused one day intensives to kick-start your transformation and deep-dive immersions to transform your business and your life
  • Group training programs and business retreats – live and virtual
  • Introductory talks
  • Special events with local and world luminaries
  • And a newsletter where I share what’s on the leading edge of evolutionary business as well as giving you advance notice about my upcoming talks, workshops and other offerings (you can sign up on the right side of this page!)

Above all, I offer you an invitation and a way to dare to do things differently.

You can create a business with great love and integrity built into every detail.  And it can be an act of creativity and joy to evolve the practices and structures in your business so you can truly serve – both your own needs and the needs of the world.

And you can truly live the life of the heroine’s journey – true to your own vision and values.  Leaving a profound gift to future generations.

With love and blessings to you and your sacred enterprise,


P.S. This spring I am offering a limited number of “Change Your Business – Change Your World Breakthrough Sessions” to women who know the world can’t wait for their gifts and are curious about the opportunity of working privately with me.  In these sessions I’ll help you…

  • get clearer and more deeply connected with what your business is really trying to become
  • understand and better appreciate the deeper wisdom in the challenges that are preventing you from moving forward
  • identify some first steps to help you transform these obstacles into momentum and (only if it feels right) receive options for support to help you on your path

To request one of these breakthrough sessions with me, please contact my office at info@sacredenterprise.com