Sacred Enterprise Mentorship Program

An invitation to women with an evolutionary message and mission too big to stay hidden…

Coaches, consultants, facilitators, trainers, teachers, creatives and other transformational professionals…
A 6-month private mentorship program designed to help you up-level both your personal and business foundations
so you can create your fullest contribution in 2012.

Dear evolutionary sister:

What do you see laying ahead in 2012 – for you, your community and the world?

Many – from the ancient Mayans to current-day evolutionary leaders like Barbara Marx Hubbard – have predicted that 2012 will be a turning point year, the end of one world cycle and the birth of the next.  But whatever you think of those predictions, you only have to look at what’s happening in the world to know that big changes and shifts are upon us – changes that impact all of us.

I believe that the future will be written by each one of us and that NOW is the time to bring your fullest contribution to the fore.

What role will you play in how 2012 & the future unfolds?

As I look around me to the many wise and gifted healers, creatives, coaches / consultants and evolutionary entrepreneurs in my world, I am profoundly touched by what I see.

I see the extent of their gifts, the power and wisdom of their messages, and the purity and depth of their hearts.  I see what they want to bring forward in the world and it’s beautiful beyond words.  I know the years of training, experimenting, inner work and love that went into honing their craft.  I know their longing to make a difference, to make a real impact through their gifts.  And I know their level of commitment.  The degree of sacrifice is so large that it can even eclipse their own needs at times.

I also know the frustration that they feel trying to make that difference.  It’s as if there’s an invisible force, a glass ceiling, preventing them from really stepping out into the world and becoming known for their gifts, from claiming their tribe, their impact and their contribution.

That frustration can take different forms.  For some, it might feel like spinning.  For others it might feel like a holding pattern.  For still others, it might feel like overwhelm, like the to-do list is too long.  And for some, it might feel like being lost in building a business when what they really wanted to do was build a mission.

But whatever it feels like for you, I know that what can make it worse is the profound pain of sensing that your gifts are not getting out into the world in the way you sense they could.  That you’re not making the impact or contribution you could make.  That you’re not responding fully to the call you feel at the depth of your being, the call to serve life through your gifts.

For someone with an evolutionary message and mission, there’s almost nothing more painful.

I know, because I’ve struggled with those same feelings.  And, at times, I’ve blamed myself.  I’ve wondered what was wrong with me.  I’ve asked myself why couldn’t I just push through and step into the impact my soul asked me to create.  But what I’ve found out is that it just doesn’t work that way.

So here’s what I’ve come to believe…

The inner discomfort that so many of us have been feeling is NOT a sign that something is wrong, not something that we ‘should’ have already figured out.

I believe it’s a sign that something wants to and is ready to evolve.  A life-affirming invitation, a sign that we are ready to let go of some of our old ways of being and doing, to evolve ourselves, our lives, and our businesses so we can really claim our place and impact in defining the direction of our communities and our world.

Because the truth is, that although we may not feel ready, or up to the task of taking our place as leaders of this evolutionary time, there is no one more qualified.  And no one else is coming.

But to lead evolutionary change, we must be on the edge of evolution in our own lives and businesses.   That’s not something we do once.  It’s an ongoing process.

What will give you the personal and business foundations you need so that you can make the contribution only you can make?

One thing I know is that we no longer have the luxury of time as we figure out how to uplevel our lives and our businesses on our own.

In the past year alone I have invested heavily, both in time and money – to get the support I needed from some of the world’s most prominent spirit-centered business and evolutionary leaders – people like Katherine Woodward Thomas, Claire Zammit, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Tim Kelley, Mark Silver, Isabel Parlatt, Alexis Martin Neely, Bill Baren, Elizabeth Genco Purvis, Tad Hargrave as well as training in Neuro-linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy and more.

Add to that six years of coaching experience, tens of thousands of dollars training with the best business coaches in the industry, graduate degrees in psychotherapy and cultural history, experiential journeys in wisdom studies and practical project management, strategic planning and implementation with executive boards in the non-profit sector, teaching university level courses and work in the trenches… I know what it means to be stuck in the trap of ‘getting ready to share one’s gifts’.

And now I’m offering to share the best of what I’ve learned from these leaders with you.

Sacred Enterprise is a private coaching and mentoring program I designed specifically to help women with an evolutionary message and mission create the inner and outer micro-shifts that will allow them to move their lives and their businesses to the next level – to create the personal and business foundations that will allow their lives and businesses to thrive and create real impact in 2012.

Why did I put this program together for you?

I created the Sacred Enterprise program because I believe it’s time for evolutionary women to take their gifts and wisdom out of the shadows, the closets, out of hiding and on to center stage.

Because that is where the world and future generations need them to be.

And yet, what I’ve seen is that many too many evolutionary women fear their brilliance and impact.  For decades – and even centuries – visionary women have protected their most cherished gifts from criticism, misunderstanding, derision and even prosecution by keeping them hidden.  And, not wanting to outshine our sisters and attract jealously, we have unconsciously dimmed our lights in order to belong.

However in this moment in the world’s evolution, life is needing each of us to show up powerfully and stop playing small.

But it’s not about doing, giving or being ‘more’ – it’s about doing things differently.

The six month private Sacred Enterprise program offers you the support you need to build the personal and business foundations so that you can really claim your voice, your wisdom leadership, your tribe and make your impact in the world.

If you’re curious about this coaching program…

First… please read this ENTIRE letter so you are clear as to HOW this program could benefit you.

Then… simply contact my office ( or 416 545-7848) to request a program interview.  You’ll be sent a brief self-assessment to help us both make the best of our time together.  When we speak, we’ll go deeper into your needs to make sure the program is a fit for you and to allow you to ask me any questions you have.  You’ll also hear about what payment options you can chose from to fit your budget.

To finalize your acceptance into the program, you’ll simply need to complete a brief Payment Enrollment form.  That’s it.

What’s different about my approach to business?

Most mentoring and coaching programs focus on either specific aspects of business building or the spiritual, mindset aspects of evolutionary growth.

But I believe that change agents need both to be truly effective.

That’s why, in this six-month private mentoring and coaching program, you’ll receive BOTH the practical business-building techniques AND the inner transformational support you need to create a thriving business with real impact.


1) Align your business foundations with your deepest needs & values, and your highest vision.

    • Strengthen and uplevel your business foundations so they are in alignment with your sense of purpose and your deepest values, something that can support your shift to the next level evolution of your business and impact.
  • Create your next-level business model that will support your personal thriving and align with your deepest needs and values while bringing in the income that will allow you to do your sacred work.
  • Identify simple and powerful money goals and practices that support and are in alignment with your life, your vision and your impact.
  • Clarify any business practices (e.g. sales, marketing, policy) that feel out of integrity and begin to shift them into more heart-based expressions of who you are and what you stand for in the world so you can attract more clients.

2) Turn mundane business practices into a sacred container for your gifts and wisdom.

  • Integrate spiritual and creative practices, rituals and self-care into your day so that your work becomes a form of sacred play.
  • Get the support you need to create divine balance or an inner marriage between the masculine elements of business (planning, goal-setting, focus, drive, efficiency, information-processing and doing) and the more feminine ways of being and doing (intention, vision, process, intuition, creativity and knowing) so that you can more easily access a state of ‘flow’ and embrace peak productivity and effectiveness.
  • Get the support structure you need to prioritize and clear away difficult, challenging or boring tasks from your to-do list – whether it’s your filing or monthly billing, clearing or reorganizing your office space, writing your blog or marketing copy, or making sales calls – so that you can create more momentum in your business.

3) Design compelling next-level transformative programs or services your clients want to invest in.

    • Identify the purpose and impact of your next-level program(s) or service.  First, what it will allow you to have, be and do – what it can both give and ask of you as you develop and offer it.  And second, who it’s for, why they need it and the transformation it will create.
  • Get the creative and strategic support you need to bring at least one new program or service into being – from design phase through planning, implementation and course-correcting, to its launch and delivery.
  • Design the offering(s) in a way that leverages your own gifts, talents and wisdom, creating more fulfillment for you and greater value for your clients.
  • Map out your signature system – the steps you’ll take your clients through.  Through both creative exercises and logical processes we’ll design your clients transformational experience, ensuring that each step creates value for your client, and yet won’t over-strain your resources and abilities to deliver what you’ve promised.
  • Price your new offering(s) so that your heart can be in integrity and you can claim the true value of your gifts and the transformation you create.
    • Plan for the success of your program(s) by identifying the steps, resources, costs, timelines and potential obstacles in advance so you can detect and address issues before they happen.
  • Get the support you need to course-correct for success, so you can stay focused and on track with your implementation while avoiding the most common traps of implementation (e.g. mission-drift, over-planning, perfectionism, over-delivering or overwhelm)

4) Claim Your Message, Your Tribe and Your Impact

  • Claim your thought leadership as you get clear on your stand and your core compelling message
  • Narrow down the top 2-3 marketing strategies that are most aligned with you, your message, your tribe and your impact and start putting them into action.
  • Get valuable feedback or suggestions that can help you grow your confidence and effectiveness as a writer, speaker or facilitator.
  • Get your work out into the world – while defining and growing your tribe

5) Cultivate the inner skills and practices you need to step into more impact

  • Connect deeply with the vision, wisdom and creative genius of your ‘North Star’ and what it’s asking you to bring forth in 2012 for yourself, your business and the world.
  • Identify practices to keep your vision, creativity and inspiration alive so that it can continue to guide and pull you forward when you’re at a cross-road or when you’re plagued by moments of darkness, doubt, confusion or uncertainty.
  • Clarify what your life – and your business – need from you to fully feed and support both you so that you’re able to access the energy, creativity and resources you need to support a bigger mission.
  • Identify where you may be driving with the brakes on and create greater synergy, alignment and momentum in your life and your business.
  • Get the support you need to transform blocks and challenges into opportunities for re-patterning old personal and cultural paradigms so that you can be more effective as a change agent.
  • Receive the support you need to navigate and lead amidst your own imperfections and the challenges and unpredictability of your business and the world.
  • Identify and befriend any lingering fears you may have about claiming your visibility, power and impact.


Because I believe that our unique wisdom and genius is best accessed through a multi-modal approach, the program will include a variety of learning approaches and styles.

It will include a combination of content presentations, coaching, mentoring, experiential and creative exercises, ritual, reflective journaling and a special private one-day visioning retreat.

Month One…

1) Private Kick-off call

In this session we’ll create the sacred container of our own relationship and begin by mapping out the journey ahead. I’ll help you set powerful intentions for this program and how to make the most of our time together. Finally, we’ll close with a commitment ritual as the first powerful step on our journey together.

2) Pre-Retreat: Year-End Completion Exercise & Business Assessment Exercise

Celebrate your accomplishments, acknowledge what was hard and capture your most important learnings so that you can show up at your visioning retreat ready to let go of the old year and move into the new with the clarity and wisdom you need to take your business to the next level.  Through this journaling exercise you’ll also pin-point both the areas of strength in your business and the most critical areas for growth.

3) Private Visioning Retreat Day to Connect to Your North Star & Your Highest Possibilities  for 2012.  (1 day live or 2 half days virtual – your choice)

During this one day private retreat you’ll be guided through processes designed to bypass the limitations of your logical, rational mind (the ‘shoulds’ and how-to’s) and tap into the creativity, intuition, longing and wisdom of your deeper self.

First through art, ritual, and guided visualization you’ll tap into your deeper knowing and what you feel most called to bring forward in 2012 – for yourself, your business, and the world and what your vision is asking you to learn, do and become.

Then, having defined what it is that you truly long to bring into being in each area of your life and business, you’ll define the most critical structures, practices and systems of support you need to put in place to nourish you, support your business and turn your vision for greater impact and contribution into a reality.

4) Post-retreat Visioning follow-up call

In this call we’ll explore how to remain grounded in your vision and guided by your purpose, despite day-to-day challenges and the fear that often accompanies stepping into a bigger vision.   obstacles.

Months two through six…

Once you’ve clarified what it is that you really want in each area of your life and business, as well as the impact you want to create in 2012, we’ll start building the structures and practices you’ll need to create it, listening to intuition and course-correcting as we go.

1) Five 60 minute Private Content Calls (1 monthly)

These information-rich calls will be focused specifically on sharing leading-edge techniques for transforming your business foundations and practices, designing and creating your next-level services or programs, claiming your message, tribe and impact and creating momentum in your business and your life.  The exact timing and sequence of the topics will be adjusted to your specific business needs.

2) Ten 30-minute private coaching / mentoring sessions (2 each month)

These calls will focus on where you are and what you need, whether it’s support around strategy and implementation or inner-game.

3) Weekly Momentum Homework

A range of exercises and experiential processes to support you in deepening into the principles and practices of our work together and the implementation of your goals, this will help you prioritize your week while staying accountable to (and moving towards) your larger vision.

4) Monthly Accountability Journal

To help track the larger arc of your intentions, capture movement towards your goals, pin-point issues, flag potential problems and ensure momentum in all the areas of your life and business.

5) 6 Month Priority Email Access so you can ask quick questions, get laser feedback and share your celebrations

You’ll also receive these bonuses…

  • Complimentary pass to my next day-long live event to be held in Toronto in the first half of 2012
  • Five Monthly half-day Anti-procrastination Group Virtual Workshops. Create more momentum – in a fun, supportive group environment – by clearing away the difficult, challenging or boring tasks from your to-do list.  Use the time to handle whatever challenges you – whether that’s doing your filing or monthly billing, clearing or reorganizing your office space, writing your blog or marketing copy, making sales calls… it’s up to you!
    • Downloadable recordings of all content calls
  • Templates, check-lists, articles etc.25% reduction on any other events, program or service launched in 2012
    • Surprise bonuses, treats and gifts throughout the program
  • Art materials and lunch at your retreat

What have my clients said about me & my approach?

“My confidence in my business and what I offer to the world has grown by leaps and bounds.  You’ve been more than a coach – you’ve been a friend and a great support.  I have a deep sense of gratitude because I really don’t know how I would have done it without you.”   E.H.

“I just hung up on a social networking call with [a prominent marketing guru] unable to listen to the rapid banter of the benefits of media networking… all about saving time, money, growing faster, bigger… It is simply too hard for me to shift out the few salient points when I feel so ‘blitzed’ with the aggressive enthusiasm.  I can’t find my bearings with this type of marketing style and goals… Meanwhile, I’m working on the points we discussed and preparing for our next meeting. Your more gentle, thoughtful approach, works much better for me…”  A.M.

Your Sacred Enterprise program is so perfectly reflective of your brilliance and exquisiteness. I know that whomever feels called to join you will receive a thousand times more than they even realize now. I can speak from experience, as you have guided me with such devotion, wisdom and care. I loved every detail of your CARE, including your thoughtful gifts. I am grateful for your capacity to BE with me. Knowing you were there for me, to throw ideas to, to help with editing my words, crunching numbers, basically allowing and exploring things as they arose, was a wonderful feeling and experience. I am grateful for your ability to truly hear and acknowledge me, and ‘hold sacred and safe space’ for me. All those things add up to a loving, sweet experience that I will carry forward, and remember when I am service to MY clients. You are a sacred gift – I feel honoured and blessed to have worked with you.  Thank you, Marilyn. I adore you. And love you.

Erica Ross, Co-Creatrix, Director & Facilitator of Dance Our Way Home, Toronto, ON

If you’re wondering if this program is right for you…

It’s critical that this program is a fit for both of us.  That’s why, once you let me know you’re interested in this program, I’ll send you a brief program application with some questions about your needs.  Then, we’ll schedule a phone session to answer any questions you may have and to make sure the program will provide the support you need and is the right decision for you.

How will you fulfill the promises you’ve made to Life and to future generations?

If you’ve read this far, there’s one thing I know for sure about you – you care deeply about Life and you have valuable wisdom and gifts that could play an important role in defining the future of our world.

So if you feel this program might be exactly what you’re looking for, please go ahead and request a program application from my office – info[at] or 416 545-7848 – fill it out, and email it back to me.  I can’t wait to read your application and explore with you if this program is your next step!

I am passionate about YOU and YOUR impact!  I am passionate about coaching you to bring your wisdom, your mission and your impact forward, to helping you create the personal and business foundations that will allow you step onto center stage with your message so that you can fulfill your promise to future generations.

With love and deep blessings for your life and your work,


Marilyn C.J. Daniels, M.A., M.Ed., CPCC

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach
Master Certified Retreat Coach

P.S. I will have only 6 program spots open until July so please contact me ASAP if you’re interested.