“No one has ever given me as much constructive feedback”

KwesiMarilyn reviewed my website in September of 2015. I have asked people to look at my website before (designers, marketers, etc).  But no one has ever given me as much constructive feedback as Marilyn did.

She looked at every page, broke down her explanation into areas that were manageable for me to read and implement, and I received immediate feedback and positive response as a result of her suggestions. Marilyn was gracious enough to look at my site for a SECOND time in November 2015 and give me even more detailed feedback.

I believe my website looks even better, is more engaging, and in the first nine days of this month alone (December 2015), I have obtained over 30 subscribers to my Speaking and Confidence coaching websites. Marilyn’s input has helped me greatly!

Kwesi Sekou Millington
Officer, Speaker, Coach


 “You are a sacred gift… I adore you.  And love you.”

“You have guided me with such devotion, wisdom and care…. I am grateful for your capacity to BE with me. Knowing you were there for me, to throw ideas to, to help with editing my words, crunching numbers, basically allowing and exploring things as they arose, was a wonderful feeling and experience. I am grateful for your ability to truly hear and acknowledge me, and ‘hold sacred and safe space’ for me.  All those things add up to a loving, sweet experience that I will carry forward, and remember when I am service to MY clients.

You are a sacred gift – I feel honoured and blessed to have worked with you. Thank you, Marilyn. I adore you. And love you.”

Erica Ross
Co-Creatrix, Director & Facilitator of Dance Our Way Home

“Chaos turned into crystal clear structure.”

“With a few simple clarifying questions about what I do with people, the brilliant insights of Marilyn Daniels emerged — piercing the chaos of my offerings and drawing forth crystal clear structure.

Although the structure was present all along in my work, it was only from within the sacred container of my conversation with Marilyn that I could see it through her eyes. She helped to crystallize my work as a 4-step process, the heart of what I offer to clients. I am so grateful for the reflection in her beautiful believing mirror.”

-Bobbye Middendorf
 Writer, Creator, Messenger

“Your gentle, thoughtful approach… works much better for me…”

“I just hung up on a social networking call with [a prominent marketing guru] unable to listen to the rapid banter of the benefits of media networking… all about saving time, money, growing faster, bigger… It is simply too hard for me to shift out the few salient points when I feel so ‘blitzed’ with the aggressive enthusiasm. Can’t find my bearings with this type of marketing style and goals…

Meanwhile, I’m working on the points we discussed and preparing for Sunday’s meeting. So that more gentle, thoughtful approach, such as we started, works much better for me…”


“I really don’t know how I would have done it without you.”

“My confidence in my business and what I offer to the world has grown by leaps and bounds.  You’ve been more than a coach – you’ve been a friend and a great support.

I have a deep sense of gratitude because I really don’t know how I would have done it without you.”

–EH, Integral educator transitioning into business


“Embodies Evolutionary Eldership”

sassy1“I can’t think of anybody else who embodies evolutionary eldership better than you do.  Seriously.  That’s absolutely from the bottom of my heart.”

Elizabeth Purvis


“Trust me – she’s wonderful.”

[Marilyn is] a masterful holder of enabling space, wisdom carrier and good friend. More than many people I know – she ‘gets’ what’s happening in the world and how issues interconnect.  She’s spent years working with high level, extremely effective activists, change-makers and visionaries and brings a sharp (but not cutting) insight and an empathic (without being coddling) listening to her interactions and work.

n516700194_2270Her work embodies, as the good doctor Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of, “unconditional love and uncompromising truth.”

I’ve rarely met someone who so beautifully weaves together issues of social justice, emotional impeccability, artistic expression and creativity, political change, deep spiritual growth, and economic transformation.

There are lots of business coaches and people who will help you grow your business (which is important) – but Marilyn’s work looks at how our personal, business and collective transformation connect. Her work is not about ‘how do we succeed within the system’ but more ‘how do we succeed in shifting the system?’.

Trust me – she’s wonderful.

–Tad Hargrave
Marketing consultant & founder of Radical Business & Marketing for Hippies